Early Riser Coffee with Cascara Punchy Blend


Roasted in Dorset

Unique Coffee Blends With Added Cascara

Early Riser has roasted three unique blends of coffee with cascara that fulfil not only the aroma, body and acidity delights of coffee but also include an extra ingredient Cascara

These blends have been designed to support you in preparing, during and post your sporting requirements.

This ground coffee can be prepared in a cafetière, filter machine or expresso machine. Whichever way you like to drink your coffee Early Riser can be prepared to your specific tastes eg Strong Black Coffee or Smokey Creamy Coffee you decide! Early Riser Coffee is for the coffee maker inside of you to identify the best coffee recipe for your needs.

Early Riser Coffee with Cascara

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Early Riser Coffee with Cascara Punchy Blend


‘The Workout Blend’

Our punchy blend is designed to fuel you pre-workout whatever it may be.The added punch of Cascara gives a unique taste that enriches the depth of the taste to the coffee.

Coffee beans used in this blend originate from Guatemala, Brazil, Nicaragua & Vietnam.

15% Cascara

5 coffee beans

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Early Riser Coffee with Cascara Smokey Blend


‘The All Day Blend’

This blend is considered the drink you can drink throughout the day. It has less depth to our other blends however the smokey aroma and taste makes it an enjoyable relaxing coffee.

Coffee beans used in this blend originate from Columbia, Honduras & Nicaragua

2% Cascara

2 coffee beans

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Early Riser coffee with cascara sweet blend


‘The Recovery Blend’

This sumptuously sweet and rich flavoured coffee is packed full of anti-oxidising goodness! Following a hard workout this is a must to drink to assist with your bodies recovery.

Coffee beans used in this blend originate from Columbia, Brazil, Nicaragua & Honduras

30% Cascara

3 coffee beans

Cascara not Mascara

Early Riser Coffee has been developed by passionate coffee drinkers and sport enthusiasts.

What is Cascara?

Here’s the clever bit, are you ready… Research has shown that pre-exercise caffeine can enhance endurance and with our added health boosting ingredient Cascara is good for you to, what’s not to love!

The benefits of Cascara include..
• Increased aerobic capacity and cardiovascular health
• Lowers body fat
• Improves muscle tone
• Builds strength, flexibility and endurance

Antioxidants are found commonly in foods we refer to as ‘superfoods’, antioxidants are vital to your body’s immune system and overall health. Pomegranates, blueberries and cranberries all contain high amounts of antioxidants, but it is believed that cascara offers higher levels with reports of regular consumption giving users a revitalised sensation.

High levels of vitamin C and E are what drives the antioxidising

Early Riser Coffee with Cascara

The Pro’s to Antioxidants

Cascara is the dried skin or husk of the coffee cherry fruit. It has been used previously for brewing tea. We have dried and ground the skin so it can be encompassed in our coffee to not only provide a unique taste but also to introduce our drinkers to the antioxidants that it contains.

Caffeine Content

The Cascara husk offers a caffeine hit like that of English Breakfast Tea (est ¼ of coffee). Proven health benefits of consuming caffeine regularly include:

  • Improved brain function and memory
  • Helps to fights depression and other mental disorders surrounding levels of serotonin in the blood
  • Aids with muscle repair post workout
  • Alertness and attentiveness increased

For people who take part in any sporting activity there is always the risk of injury. Cascara has the benefit of not only promoting a natural energy release but also has been speculated that it can assist in reducing swelling and inflammation of external and internal injuries.

Early Riser Coffee with Cascara Coffee Bean Husks

Finally, when you taste our coffee allow your senses to take in the distinctive characteristics by:

  1. Opening the packet, inhale deeply and take in the fresh aroma of the coffee
  2. When you spoon your coffee into your cafetière or expresso machine look at the intensity of the colour of the blend
  3. While the brewing takes place enjoy the rich, full bodied aroma that the steam omits
  4. On your first taste of your freshly brewed coffee feel the texture of the coffee and sense the impact of the coffee in your mouth
  5. Succumb to the taste and notice any lasting lingering flavours
  6. Lastly, Enjoy!

What Our Customers Say

Conceived in Dorset

About us

Being a team of coffee drinkers (with the exception of Gemma), they were on the hunt for a blend that would be less ‘reactive’ on the gut for use at their own races. They quickly became unsatisfied with the current mass-market and generic offerings available at large-scale supermarkets and health shops, so they did what they do best – they decided to create their own.

Working with the experienced team at Naked Coffee, in Bournemouth these three blends were developed to meet various sporting demands. The beans are roasted and ground at the Naked Coffee where they ensure that a quality coffee ground is produced for the sports enthusiasts out there.

This secret superfood packs eight times the antioxidants of blueberries and has been growing right under growers’ noses for hundreds of years.

The White Star Team take a tremendous amount of pride in their coffee, but what excites them the most is their ongoing goal to create partnerships that celebrate the communities they inhabit.
Welcome to Dorset!

Early Riser Coffee with Cascara

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